Taxon match

You can use the PESI Taxon Match Tool (credits)This tool uses the following components:
TAXAMATCH fuzzy matching algorithm by Tony Rees
PHP/MySql port of TAXAMATCH by Michael Giddens
Scientific Names Parser by Dmitry Mozzherin
to automatically match your species list or taxon list with PESI. After matching, the tool will return your file with the valid names, authorities, PESI classification and/or any other output you selected.
For performance reasons, the limit is set to 1,000 rows. For matching larger files, non-marine or multiple datasources, please use the Lifewatch Species Information Backbone.

Allowed filetypes: Plain text [TXT], Comma Separated [CSV] & Excel sheet [XLS, XLSX]

Row delimiter  First row contains column names
Column delimiter
Match authority
Match upto 
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taxa belonging to
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Output  GUID  ScientificName  Authority  Accepted name  Classification  Qualitystatus  Taxon status  Environment