Management group
The PESI Project is led by Yde de Jong from the University of Amsterdam and the project bureau is managed by: Eric Breuker and Juliana Kouwenberg.

Steering committee
The PESI Steering Committee has 13 members and is formed by the six work package leaders, the coordinators of the botanical, marine and zoological communities, the coordinator of the EU-based GSD network and the project bureau managers.

Liaison group
To assure a permanent contact with associated international initiatives, the PESI Liaison Board is represented by coordinators of several related initiatives and programmes:

  • Tillier, Simon (NoE EDIT)
  • Heip, Carlo (NoE MarBEF)
  • Los, Wouter (LifeWatch)
  • Bisby, Frank (Species2000)
  • Remsen, David (GBIF-ECAT)
  • Blum, Stan (TDWG)
  • Edwards, Jim (EoL)
  • Patterson, David (EoL Informatics/uBio)
  • Vanden Berghe, Edward (OBIS)
  • Froese, Rainer (SpeciesBase)
  • Claesson Stefan (CETAF)
  • Higley, Graham (SYNTHESIS)
  • Settele, Josef (LifeData consortium)

Advisory and working groups